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DJET - D-JET Concept

The goal of the D-Jet project is to construct a small jet for an emerging market segment with a significantly lower price-performance ratio than earlier business jets, better performance with regard to the cruising speed and the rate of climb, short runway requirements for takeoff and landing, as well as a total registered weight under 2,000 kilograms.


FSA - Future Small Aircraft

The aim of this funded project is to launch a modern and highly efficient "Future Small Aircraft" in the general aviation category, which will reduce operating costs to a minimum and thus meet the growing demand. The end result of this project is a certifiable prototype, which will be developed in a timeframe of around 32 months.


HEMEP - Hybrid Electric Multi Engine Plane

The consortium partners in the HEMEP project aim to play a pioneering role in the field of aviation in electric propulsion systems, and thus enable the participating companies to become technology leaders for the future. The multi-engine aircraft with a hybrid electric propulsion system project will serve to further develop the basics of calculation methods in different areas for electric flying.


SARISTU - Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures

The concept of Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures offers significant improvements in aircraft total weight, manufacturing cost and, above all, operational cost by an integration of system tasks into the load carrying structure. The project focuses on integration activities in the three distinct technological areas airfoil morphing, self-sensing and multifunctional structures through self-healing and the use of nanoreinforced resins.


eSAFE - Emergency Safe Return for CS23 Aircraft

The aim of the project is the development of an automatic emergency flight guidance, including emergency landing for the EASA CS23 category aircraft. In case of sudden in-flight pilot incapacitation or technical problems, after activating the emergency button on board, an airfield with an approach route taking into account dynamic air traffic and weather data should be determined.