Testing facilities

Establishment and expansion of test and simulation environments, as well as testing, measurement and trial facilities for key topics.

Research infrastructure under development


The ERA-NET scheme supports the coordination of national and regional funding programs in Europe. National or regional authorities select research funding programs that they wish to coordinate with other countries or open up to transnational research projects. All ERA-NET initiatives offer joint calls in which researchers can submit transnational projects.


Austrian Research Infrastructure


The BMK Innovation Lab AIRlabs Austria plans to establish and operate a multisite test infrastructure to support research, development, validation and integration UAS. With a total of 25 consortium partners from users, industrial companies and research institutions, the necessary test enablers for UAS will be provided along all TRLs and along the innovation path.

Even though the focus of the innovation lab is on airspaces, ground-based infrastructures are also part of AIRlabs Austria's service. The location advantages of Austria (e.g. (high) alpine areas) as well as the interests of the domestic industry and science partners are taken into account.

RTA climatic wind tunnel for aviation

Rail Tec Arsenal is an international independent research and testing institute for all types of transportation systems exposed to extreme climatic conditions, in order to optimize thermal comfort and improve system availability and safety. RTA is continuously developing its expertise in the artificial generation of all types of precipitation at different ambient temperatures.

TU Vienna Propulsion Test Bench

The most integral part in the development of liquid propellant rockets is the engine. For several years, the TU Vienna Space Team has been working on such liquid propellant engines and in order to test these prototypes and designs, test benches are needed. These allow evaluating engine designs with fast iterations and providing needed hardware like tanks, piping and sensors.

TU Graz Climatic Wind Tunnel

The low-speed aerodynamic wind tunnel at TU Graz is of the Prandtl or Göttingen type with closed loop recirculation. This tunnel is intended for automotive aerodynamics and general purpose applications like studying the aerodynamics of buildings in regions of nearly constant velocity or the aerodynamics of skiers.

FH JOANNEUM Climate Chamber

The climatic chamber is a closed test room in which desired climatic conditions are artificially produced. The environmental conditions can be periodically modified by varying temperature and humidity for simulation purposes. This allows the functionality of components up to complete vehicles in the size of light-duty vehicles to be tested under different climatic cycles or alternating tests of temperature and humidity.

COLT test laboratory

The CoLT Prüf und Test GmbH is a state-of-the-art test center for the analysis, testing and certification of materials and products. CoLT's range of services includes a unique range of tests as well as development and certification tests according to recognized processes. The experienced team, state-of-the-art equipment and spacious facilities guarantee top performance. Due to its history, CoLT can draw on a wide range of experience in the aviation industry.

TÜV AUSTRIA SERVICES GMBH Industry & Energy Austria

TVFA is a leading provider of mechanical component testing, materials testing, inspection and certification. Their(bitte auf Deutsch auch ändern auf "ihre") locations in Vienna offer mechanical testing on components of any material, geometry and size. Their(bitte auf Deutsch auch ändern auf "ihre") experienced team, state-of-the-art equipment and select partnerships enable peak performance.

For more research facilities, visit the Research Infrastructure Database page of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.