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TU Vienna Space Team - Mission Across Austria

The mission to fly through Austria from border to border autonomously with a hydrogen-powered aircraft is intended to demonstrate important future technologies for aviation.

With its high energy density, hydrogen represents a realistic solution for the green aviation of the future, in addition to synthetic liquid fuels and the hoped-for potential of battery technology. BVLOS ("Beyond Visual Line Of Sight") operation of autonomous aircraft opens up a wide range of possibilities for search and rescue, logistics, urban transport and connectivity of remote regions.

In this context, the TU Vienna Space Team aims to advance the topics of hydrogen and BVLOS in aviation in close cooperation with TU Vienna and with the support of government, authorities and industry.

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joanneum Aeronautics Design-Build-Fly Team & Team Drone Tech

The joanneum Aeronautics (jA) were founded in 2014 and are an association based in Graz. Their goal is to provide a platform for young students to participate in various competitions around the world. During their time in the association, the students gain a lot of experience in management, technical practice and of course teamwork.

International experience is also included. For example, the Design Build Fly Team travels to America each year to participate in the AIAA Design Build Fly Contest. In addition, the Drone Tech Team offers young students a perfect environment to gain experience with modern electronics and current drone developments.

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