ICEAC2D – Icing code brings university award

The aviation study programme of the FH Joanneum received the acknowledgment for its 10-year research work on aircraft icing and de-icing through the honorary Prize for Industry 2012 on the part of the Federation of Austrian Industries Steiermark. This was due in particular to the development of an icing code, with the help of which the ice accretion on aircraft wings can be simulated. 

Developed in the Take Off project Anti-Ice, it simulates an electro-thermal de-icing system. The icing code is versatile. In addition to the Rail Tec Arsenal, AIT uses the icing code in several European R&D projects. In order to further develop the icing code matter and, based on this, the simulation of icing process, a strategic cooperation with the AIT was established in 2018.