RTI Strategy for Aviation 2020 plus


Aviation is a strategically important sector worldwide. It is the engine of the global economy and is characterized by a high level of research intensity and economic independence. The optimal support of the sector through targeted research, technology and innovation contributes sustainably to fulfilling the strategic framework conditions - remaining competitive, innovating in an environmentally friendly way and at the same time taking social needs into account.

In cooperation with around 200 players in national and international aviation, the BMK and its stakeholders have set themselves three ambitious goals.


Three goals for the aviation sector 2020 plus

  • 15,000 employees generate annual sales of EUR 4 billion in Austria
  • The domestic aviation sector generates 80% returns from European research initiatives to Austria
  • Innovative solutions make an essential contribution to the efficiency of the domestic air traffic system.


4 measures

  • Develop competencies in RTI, better coordinate and use funding instruments.
  • Form strategic alliances, establish and expand cooperations.
  • Secure existing markets, develop new markets, dismantle market barriers.
  • Training qualified specialists, support young talent.