RTI Aviation Strategy 2008

Vision for the year 2020

In 2020, the Austrian aviation industry is significantly better positioned in the international value and supply chains than in the status quo. There will be

  • three integrators (status quo: two)
  • four Tier-1 holdings (status quo: three), and
  • twelve leading supplier companies (doubling the status quo) 

This will also lead to quantitative growth in the industry:

  • Around 70 companies are active in the core area of aviation.
  • About 250 units (organisations and companies: Production, R&D facilities, engineering, service providers) are at least engaged in aviation-relevant sub-activities.
  • The national sales development has tripled compared to 2006 (2006: EUR 620 million),
  • The number of employees and the number of high-tech jobs doubled (2006: 3,500).

The industrial companies in Austria are more strongly networked nationally/internationally and supply not only European and American but also Asian and Russian system suppliers and manufacturers to a significant extent.