Electric Ground Deice

Development and proof of concept of a thermo electric ground de-icing system

Short Description

In the "ElectricGroundDeice" project a proof of concept of an innovative electro thermal ground de-icing ​​technology will be made. This technology, which was already successfully used on smaller surface areas for de-icing of propellers, consists in the attachment of a conducting heat-able surface coating. Such a heat-able conducting coating can be applied onto airplane outer surfaces, which are subject to ice coverage like wings, fuselage, tail, flaps, etc. Two large-area "mock up" samples one in composite and the other one in metal with an aerodynamic air foil of 3m length will be built, which will be stationed at the airport Innsbruck and tested in the winter during icing conditions. The technical, economic and environmental impact of such a technology is analysed, determined and displayed.

Project Partners

  • Villinger GmbH 
    Entwicklung von innovativen Heizsystemen für Aviation / Automotive / Industrie – Schwerpunkte: Enteisungssysteme – IR-Kabinenheizsysteme
  • Universität Innsbruck Umwelttechnik
    Schwerpunkt Wasser in urbanen Räumen, inkl. Modellierung und Analyse von umwelttechnischen Systemen
  • RTA
    Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna – Rail / Automotive / Aviation Erweiterung des bestehenden (Fahrzeug-)Klimawindkanals auf Luftfahrtanwendungen
  • Flughafen Innsbruck 
    1 Mio. Passagiere pro Jahr – Schwerpunkt Winterbetrieb - mit bis zu 17.000 Passagieren täglich
  • CEST
    Kompetenzzentrum für elektrochemische Oberflächentechnologie
  • Airbus
    führender Hersteller von Luftfahrzeugen (OEM)