Cooperation with Airbus Helicopters and ÖAMTC

Contacts with decision-makers in OEMs and lead users are often crucial to market success. If OEMs, users and product providers cooperate in a development project, this further increases their acceptability and thus their chances of success.

Such a cooperation for developing a de-icing system for small and medium-sized helicopters was successfully established between the Villinger GmbH, Airbus Helicopters and the ÖAMTC Air Rescue. Until then de-icing systems had only been available for large helicopters.

On the German-Austrian research project, the Austrian representatives are the AIIS, RTA, CEST and Heli-Air Transportation, whereas on the German side one can find Airbus Helicopters, DLR and the Technical University of Braunschweig et al..


  • HIS [Take Off]: Development of innovative, energy efficient and light-weight ice safety measures for small and medium-weight helicopters