SUSTAINair Final Conference

11. - 12. June 2024
Arcotel Kaiserwasser, Wagramer Str. 8, Vienna, AT

The SUSTAINair Final Conference will cover cutting-edge topics, each playing a crucial role in reshaping the future of aviation sustainability. One pivotal theme is the integration of smart materials for aircraft, where innovations in materials with properties promise to enhance aircraft performance, durability and environmental impact.



Content Description

SUSTAINair: Pioneering Sustainability in Aviation

SUSTAINair, a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program, is at the forefront of revolutionizing aviation through its groundbreaking technologies and impactful solutions. SUSTAINair's aim is to substantially increase the sustainability of the airframe value chain achieving a paradigm shift in aircraft manufacturing. The project's solutions will bring significant benefits during production, operations, maintenance and EoL (end of life) aspects.

Unveiling the Future of Aviation

The conference will also delve into innovative approaches to the composition of aircraft, showcasing the different methods that challenge traditional paradigms in design and construction.

As technology advances, digital tools are becoming indispensable in predictive maintenance and actual material deterioration, allowing for more efficient and proactive measures to address wear and tear.

Participants will be introduced to a realm of new digital solutions for structural health monitoring (SHM), a critical aspect for ensuring the longevity and safety of aircraft components. The circular economy's significance for essential aircraft materials will take center stage, emphasizing sustainable practices in the aviation industry.

Understanding the life cycle of materials, recycling processes and the reduction of waste will be paramount in fostering a circular approach that aligns with global environmental goals. Together, these interconnected themes provide an overview of sustainable aviation. They present how smart materials, innovative aircraft composition, digital solutions, and circular economy principles converge to pave the way for a greener and more resilient future in the skies.


This event will gather the project's EU sister projects - CAELESTIS, MORPHO, DOMMINIO, RECAL, GENEX and INFINITE. Each of these projects brings a unique perspective and expertise, collectively contributing to the shared mission of sustainable aviation.

Innovative Exhibitions: Showcasing Tomorrow's Aviation

Beyond the conference sessions, an exhibition will feature selected EU sister projects alongside SUSTAINair. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to get firsthand highlights of groundbreaking research and tangible results of sustainable aviation.

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