Expand competencies, utilise funding instruments

The goal is the promotion of national, transnational and international funding formats as well as the successful participation of Austrian stakeholders in these funding formats. Technological, organisational and social innovations are designed to strengthen competitiveness, promote environmental protection and at the same time meet the needs of users.

Here you will find an overview of national and European funding opportunities for research projects in the field of aviation.

National Research Funding Programmes

Take Off

... is the 'flagship programme' for research, technology and innovation funding in the field of aviation, and the main instrument of measure implementation from the RTI Strategy for the Austrian Aviation Sector 2020 Plus.

Other relevant funding opportunities

General Programme

... is open for all technology fields, company and project sizes (including over € 1 million). The project objective is a functioning product, method, process or service.


... promotes individual projects with predominant proximity to basic research that already show a realistic commercialisation potential, so that one or more companies are prepared to either co-finance or take part in the project.

COMET - Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies

... promotes the establishment of centers of excellence, the centerpiece of which is a high-level research programme jointly defined by industry and science.

R&D Competences for Industry

... supports companies (primarily SME) in the systematic development and upgrading of their existing research and innovation staff. Another focal point is promoting the anchoring of company-relevant research focus at Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences.

Production of the Future

... aims to promote cooperation between business and science, human resources development and the development of research infrastructure. The focus is on producing competitive products and increasing productivity to maintain economic growth in Austria.

E!Mission.at - Energy Mission Austria

... contributes to providing safe, sustainable and affordable energy. Ambitious ideas and concepts with a long-term perspective should be realised through technological research and development work, and be guided by means of pilot and demonstration plants towards the market.

ICT for the Future

... promotes challenging innovation and technology development in information and communication technology, interlinked with application fields and societal challenges.

KIRAS Security Research

... is the Austrian Security Research Programme that supports national research projects whose results contribute to inproving the security of all members of society as a long-term guarantee of a high level of livelihood and development opportunities.

Mobility of the Future

... supports research projects expected to provide middle-to-long term improvement solutions to mobility-related social challenges, and through innovation stimulate existing markets or generate new ones.

COIN Cooperation & Innovation

... aims to stimulate and increase the research and innovation activity of companies, especially SMEs. One of the goals is to spark innovations that are new to the market or to companies (COIN "Networks").

aws - Austria Wirtschaftsservice

... is the Austrian federal promotional bank. By providing low-interest loans, grants and guarantees, companies are supported in implementing their innovative projects, especially if the necessary funds cannot be adequately raised by other means of financing.

Research Initiatives of the Federal States

At the federal state level, numerous funding programmes in the field of science, research and development are offered.

The Funding Pilot offers an overview of Austrian research and business funding.

European Research Funding Programmes

Horizon 2020

... is the European Union's key framework program for research and innovation – defined for the 2014 to 2020 time period.

Clean Sky II

... is Europe's largest aeronautical programme with a share of around 1.8 billion out of more than 3.5 billion euros coming from the funding budget of Horizon 2020 and the European aviation industry funds. It aims to strengthen the European aviation sector against international competition.

SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research)

... aims at the sustainable development of the aviation system in the context of unifying the European airspace and sets the goals of, among other things, tripling the capacity of the aviation system, increasing safety by a factor of 10, and improving environmental performance by 10% per flight.


... is a platform that coordinates the cooperation of European funding programmes in aeronautics. AirTN handles transnational calls for proposals.