Form alliances, expand cooperation

To support the competitiveness and societal concerns of the Austrian aviation community, the BMK engages internationally in research, technology and innovation-related aeronautical bodies and organisations, and maintains regional as well as cross-border strategic partnerships. Ultimately, the Strategic Advisory Board on RTI Aviation was set up in 2018, with the aim to provide a base for strategic information.

The network graph shows the strategic partnerships of the BMK with the various stakeholders in the aviation industry and research. This includes public-sector stakeholders, the national aviation community, research and technology platforms, as well as interest groups.

Public Authorities

Austria Tech

AustriaTech cooperates intensively with the BMK and performs a multitude of tasks in the field of traffic technology. The experts are in close contact with national and international stakeholders with the primary goal of promoting an open exchange between them (© Austria Tech).

Austro Control

Austro Control is one of Europe's leading air traffic management organisations. Up to 4,000 monitored aircraft operate every day in the Austrian airspace. With around 1,000 employees, Austro Control ensures safe, punctual, efficient and environmentally friendly air traffic.

All of that happens 365 days a year round the clock - with over one million aircraft movements within the Austrian airspace every year. Austro Control is a privately organised company (GmbH) owned by the Republic of Austria, which emerged from the Federal Office for Civil Aviation (corporatised on 01.01.1994).

Since December 2006, Austro Control has been certified according to the rules of Single European Sky and is therefore authorised in principle to provide air traffic management services throughout the EU (© Austro Control)

BMK - Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) is responsible for application-oriented research funding in the aviation sector.

Cooperating closely with stakeholders from research and industry, BMK has developed the RTI strategy for the Austrian aviation sector, and it supports the Austrian aviation sector with Take Off, the aviation flagship programme.

In addition, the BMK takes on a networking function by offering opportunities for mutual exchange to aviation stakeholders through accompanying informative and networking events, such as the Aviation Forum Austria (© BMK, 2019).

FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is the national funding institution for business-related research and development in Austria.

FFG funding contributes significantly to generating new knowledge, developing new products and services, and thus being more competitive on the global market. They facilitate or enable the funding of research and innovation projects and therefore help mitigate the risk associated with research. The FFG supports international networking and promotes scientific careers.

The FFG is owned by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (© FFG, 2019).

Intrest Groups

AAI - Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group

The Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group (AAI), founded as a non-profit organisation in January 1999 and privately financed via membership fees, is the national association of the Austrian Aeronautics/Supply/Industry.
AAI represents – on national and international matters – the common interests of its about 30 members: Austrian companies and organisations with business or research activities in the Aeronautics/Supply/Industry as well as in the sector of Aircraft Maintenance & Service.
AAI organises joint information exchange as well as marketing and networking activities of its members towards national bodies in Austria and the international aeronautics industry.
Furthermore, AAI and its member companies are also members of ASD (Aerospace & Defence Industries Association of Europe), and therefore fully integrated into the respective European information and decision-making processes. Many members of AAI are engaged in manifold commissions and groups of ASD (© AAI).

AICAT - Austrian Industrial Cooperation & Aviation Technology

The AICAT sees itself as a "one-stop shop" within the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber regarding the topic of industrial cooperation in the field of aerospace technology.
Its purpose is to link the interests of the Austrian economy in industrial cooperations and in the field of aviation, aviation supply and aviation infrastructure companies, and to pursue the following goals:

  • identifying synergy and cooperation potential,
  • fostering competitiveness,
  • positioning Austria as a place for qualified system supply,
  • advocating greater representation of interests and
  • promoting export by assisting in establishing international contacts upon prior consultation with the relevant Federal Economic Chamber organisations, in particular the Aussenwirtschaft Austria, the Foreign Trade Promotion Organisation of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber



Aussenwirtschaft Austria is the Austrian internationalisation and innovation agency – the initiator and companion of all international activities of domestic companies. As part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), it supports local companies with their worldwide foreign and innovation network in all international activities (© WKO, 2019)

Research and Technology Platforms

ACARE – Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe

ACARE is the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and innovation in Europe and provides a network for strategic research in aeronautics and air transport so that aviation satisfies the needs of society and secures global leadership for Europe in this important sector.
ACARE has been in existence since 2001 and comprises European public and private stakeholders who collaborate on a common purpose to develop challenging improvements for aeronautics and air transport in Europe (© ACARE).

EASN – European Aeronautics Science Network

The long-term goal of establishing EASN was to built up an open, unique European platform in order to structure, support and upgrade the research activities of the European Aeronautics Universities, as well as to facilitate them to respond to their key role within the European Aeronautical research Community in incubating new knowledge and breakthrough technologies (© EASN).


EREA is a non-profit association with the objectives:

  • to promote and represent the joint interests of its members;
  • to intensify the co-operation between its members, aimed at further integration of their activities in the field of civil, military and space-related aeronautics;
  • to improve and intensify the co-operation of EREA and its members with third parties in the field of aeronautics;
  • to facilitate the ultimate goal of the Members of an integrated management of joint activities, thereby contributing to Europe's role as a global player in aeronautics (© EASN).

IFAR - International Forum for Aviation Research

IFAR, the International Forum for Aviation Research, is an aviation research establishment network. IFAR is established on a voluntary, non- binding basis. IFAR aims to connect research organisations worldwide, to enable the information exchange and communication on aviation research activities and to develop among its members a shared understanding on challenges faced by the global aviation research community (© IFAR).